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This extract (opposite) from the Revised Code of Education 1879 - the “National Curriculum” of its day - shows what children were expected to learn. Standard I included 6- to 7- year-olds, and Standard VI children aged 11 to 12. In the “Notes” below the table one can see how the hidden agenda discriminated against girls by expecting less from them. And of course, in the 19th century, women were paid less than men for the same job. In 1881 a headmaster might earn £100 a year, but a headmistress could expect to earn only half that amount.

The schoolteacher worked hard for his/her salary, as can be seen from this advertisement from a Warwickshire paper in 1865:

Wanted for an endowed Girl School, not under Government, a Mistress of sound church principles (certificate not absolutely necessary) unmarried, a good knowledge of cutting out and needlework desirable, will be required to teach in Sunday School; and a knowledge of music will be a recommendation. Must be healthy and energetic. Remuneration £40pa payable quarterly by the Trustees. A very good house free from payment. £5pa is allowable for school coal. None but thoroughly well qualified persons need apply and a personal interview will be required.

[Image] Pupils of Woodford Halse School, about 1900

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Revised Code of Education 1879.
Revised Code of Education 1879