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The Moravian Church originated in Moravia (hence the name) and was founded in 1457 in Kunwald, Bohemia which, with the twin kingdom of Moravia, makes up a large part of modern Czechoslovakia.

Its ancient name was Unitas Fratum which simply means ‘a unity of brethren and sisters’.

The Moravian Church was a pioneer of modern Protestant missionary work and came to England in the early 18th century.

There are 1134 churches worldwide including 39 in Britain.

Simplicity is a characteristic of worship and services follow the Moravian liturgy or take a ‘free’ form according to the occasion.

For twelve years members met in various houses until the Chapel and the Manse in Parsons Street were built in 1799.

Apparently there were then five services a day all attended by large congregations.

In 1906 the new Chapel was built and the old Chapel became the Sunday School room where many events took place.

Front View of Moravian Church
Front View of Moravian Church