Woodford Halse Archive

Woodford Halse Walk

Aerial view of Woodford Halse

A walk around Woodford Halse, taking in some of the history and development.

Filebook Four

Thomas, Louis and Harriet Ann Ward, circa 1945

Pictures of people from Woodford Halse. Thomas, Louis and Harriet Ann Ward, circa 1945.

Northpole 2009

2009 Northpole Winter Fair

Photographic collection taken at the Winter Fair Northpole 2009.

Autograph Book

Headmasters Autograph Book. Images drawn by students at Woodford Halse School.

Headmasters Autograph Book. Images drawn by students at Woodford Halse School.

St Joseph's Church

St Josephs Church

St. Joseph, was opened in 1917 after Father Martin Edwards bought three cottages to build it.

Around Woodford Halse

Farndon Mill, West farndon Road Opening of the Gas Works, South Street The terrraced spoil heaps made when constructing the railway. Winter fair 2008 Snow down the back 0f Sidney Road along the Cherwell Charity football event in 2007 Celebrations for King George V Moravian Church Parsons Street

Help needed

Do you have any information about the prisoner of war camp, Byfield Road 1945 - 1952?.

If anybody has any information, write-ups, photographs etc. we would be grateful.

Tales to tell?

If you have tales to tell on the history of Woodford cum Membris, Woodford Halse, Hinton or West Farndon please get in touch.

Found any Errors?

We know they’re there may be some inaccuracies within the descriptions of the contents of these files. Excepting mistakes, what is written is what we have been told.

The photographic archive material we have collected, is from various sources and due to their age vary in quality; attribution has been given where known.

If you know anything which may help us to write a more complete description please let one of the team know and we will endeavour to add/modify/correct and complete the names/dates/descriptions within these pages.

Woodford Archive

Creating and maintaining an archive of important images, documents and memories in the words of those who lived the history in and around Woodford cum Membris

The idea for a village archive for Woodford Halse was first suggested in late 2007 by Yvonne Roberts, Cador Roberts, Julie Williams and Phillip Bainbridge.

The original archive team

The archive photographs and documents that were collected had to be scanned separately, then documented and placed into one of the files; along with an accompanying printout of its description.

There are several folders and file books which are currently being translated for upload to this site to achieve the goal of making the archive material collected available to those who are interested.

This is an on-going project, the images taken today will be the archive of tomorrow. If you have any images, documents or stories that would be suitable, please let us know.

Next Meeting

Monday 19th September 2016 7:00p.m.

The Memorial Hall, Station Road, Woodford Halse, NN11 3RB


Did you realise that it's 50 years in September since the closing of the railway in Woodford Halse?

A commemoration of this event will be held in the former British Railways Staff Association Club, now known as the Woodford Halse Social Club - 29 Hinton Rd, Woodford Halse, Daventry NN11 3TR on the 3rd September 2016.

The doors will be open to the public from 1:00 p.m. until 4:30 p.m.

The model railway will be available to view (static) and hosted by John Rose while the Woodford Halse Archive will show some images and other collected items in the function room.

All are welcome.