Woodford Halse Archive


Christenings : 1813

These are the Woodford Halse Christenings Archive recorded at St Mary’s church. Christenings in 1813.

By kind permission of Lucy Allen

24th January Mary Ann Lines child of John Lines & Julia
31st January William Elkinton child of James Elkinton & Mary
3rd February William Cleaver child of Jonas Cleaver & Susannah
17th February Steven Marriott child of Thomas Marriott & Fanny
16th May Ann Bull child of John Bull & Mary
23rd May Eliza Miller child of Charles Miller & Ann
23rd May Elizabeth Bull child of Joseph Bull & Elizabeth
6th June William Dews child of John Dews & Ann
20th June Marcy Ann Blizard child of William Blizard & Elizabeth
20th June Caroline Reynolds child of Thomas Reynolds & Sarah
8th August James Blackwell Webb child of Ann Webb
31st August Hannah Elizabeth Seaton child of William Seaton & Dorothy
2nd September William Cleaver child of William Cleaver & Elizabeth
2nd September Eliza Cardrey child of Thomas Cordrey & Elizabeth
30th September Henry Bush child of William Bush & Elizabeth
15th October Charles Bromley child of John Bromley & Kesiah
24th October Thomas Adams child of Samuel Adams & Sarah