Woodford Halse Archive

Woodford Halse

Walk : WAW 001

This collection of photographs and descriptions is the joint collaborative effort, using Jim Anscomb’s knowledge of the village with some historical pictures together with some more recent photos and Yvonne Roberts’s descriptive text.

As it has not been published before, the Jim Anscomb Archive has not vetted or passed this work as fit for publication. Therefore we feel that this material can only be appreciated by a wider audience by this view only e-booklet, created and held by the Woodford Halse Archive.

Many thanks are due to the County Archivist, Miss Rachel Watson, for many of the black and white prints, which were converted from slides. Also to Mrs Yvonne Roberts and Mrs P H Edwards for several other pictures.

By kind permission of Jim Anscomb, Miss Rachel Watson, Mrs Yvonne Roberts and Mrs P H Edwards

Aerial view over Woodford Halse
Aerial View of Woodford Halse