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The idea for a village archive for Woodford Halse was first suggested in late 2007 by Yvonne Roberts, Cador Roberts, Julie Williams and Phillip Bainbridge.

These four set about creating a group of volunteers to assist them to achieve their aim.

Early in 2008 Rodney Maiklem, Shona Maiklem, Christine Wilson and Maureen Tregonning were recruited to assist.

The objectives are still the same and this web site extends the ability to provide access to the archive for anyone with an interest in the history of Woodford Halse.

This picture of the Archive team was taken in the Woodford Halse Library in 2009.

Left to right:

Back row

Rodney Maiklem (WHA) Maureen Tregonning (WHA)

Middle Row

Heather Richards (librarian) Gina Ogden (county councillor) Shona Maiklem (WHA) Yvonne Roberts (WHA) Christine Wilson (WHA) Robyn ??(librarian) Bernadette Rogers(parish council chairperson) David Griffin (district councillor) Liz Griffin (district councillor) Cador Roberts (WHA)


Mark Rowntree (team librarian)

By kind permission of Archive

Woodford Halse Village Archive team
Woodford Halse Village Archive team