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File Book 006

Images from the archives.

File book six includes images from:

The Shrimpton Family

The Brooks Family

The Coulson Family

The Wotherspoon Family

The Lawrence Family

The Hisom Family

The Kite Family

The Howes Family

The Cox Family

The Harris Family

The Brough Family

The Chadwick Family

The Wise Family

The Ward Family

Thumbnail: Shrimpton Children Thumbnail: Kathleen Annie Shrimpton, posing on a stool Thumbnail: Jack Shrimpton Thumbnail: Joan and Betty Shrimpton Thumbnail: Betty, Neville and Joan Shrimpton Thumbnail: Joan, Neville, Annie, Betty & Frederick Shrimpton at the seaside 1924 Thumbnail: Betty, Neville & Joan Shrimpton at the seaside 1925 Thumbnail: Neville, Frederick, and Betty Shrimpton 1925 Thumbnail: Betty and Joan Shrimpton at the seaside circa 1940. Thumbnail: Annie Shrimpton circa 1945. Thumbnail: Dot and Betty Shrimpton. Thumbnail: Celia, William, Earnest, Edith, Gertrude, Wilfred, Sarah and Florence Brooks posing for family picture circa 1900. Thumbnail: Celia and Edith Brooks outside their house. Thumbnail: Celia Brooks Posing for portrait photograph. Thumbnail: Celia and William Coulson posing for portrait photograph. Thumbnail: Betty and William Coulson posing for portrait picture. Thumbnail: Ellen and James Coulson posing for portrait picture. Thumbnail: John and Doris Wotherspoon’s Wedding 1922. Thumbnail: Janet and John Wotherspoon with Betty Shrimpton circa 1940. Thumbnail: Jack Lawrence 1920s. Thumbnail: Lilian Winifred Lawrence 1920s. Thumbnail: Wedding Guests Mrs Edith Hisom (nee Kite), Pauline Hisom aged 2 , Mrs Ada Kite and Mrs Edith Ingram 1950. Thumbnail: Wedding of Edith Kite and Edward Hisom 1946. Thumbnail: Joseph and Mary Kite. Thumbnail: Joseph Kite. Thumbnail: Children of Reuben and Emma Howes in 1940 Thumbnail: The Howes family at Sandra’s wedding Thumbnail: Reuben Howes Thumbnail: Leslie Cox and unknown Girl in Fancy Dress. Thumbnail: Leslie Cox in Fancy Dress with Vicar. Thumbnail: Ellen Mary Harris, grandmother of Kay Coles. Thumbnail: Thomas Jack Harris, grandfather of Kay Coles, sitting on the raised boardwalk running alongside the roadway. Thumbnail: Cyril Brough in 1927 aged six shown with his dog. Thumbnail: Cyril Brough posing on a gateway. Thumbnail: Cyril Brough posing on a gateway. Thumbnail: Cyril Brough and Snooky (Roland) Ward. Thumbnail: Sid Brough aged 8 months old in 1945. Thumbnail: Joe Ingram with Martin Brough. Thumbnail: Joe Ingram with Martin and Sid Brough. Thumbnail: The Likely Lads Alan ? (a friend), Terry Ward (Zacker) who married Jackie Shillato, Sid Brough (with peak cap upturned) , Martin Brough with Klaxon horn Thumbnail: Cyril Brough on his small holding. Thumbnail: Tom Chadwick riding a push bike in fancy dress. Thumbnail: Chadwick family, taken in the 1950s at the rear of 31 Nelson Avenue. Thumbnail: Mary Worrall & Nina Wise 1950 approaching St Mary’s Church for a wedding. Thumbnail: Pat Webster with Nina Wise at Dance in 1948 in the Ex-Servicemens hall. Thumbnail: Reverse of post card sent to Harry Wills in Canada. Thumbnail: Lizzy Berry with her bicycle in Cannons Ashby. Thumbnail: Martha Ward and her son George in their back garden, South Street, Woodford Halse. Thumbnail: The blacksmiths shop in the High Street, circa 1900. Thumbnail: Tom Ward Junior at the anvil Thumbnail: Elsie Ward on the front of a post card sent to her mother in South Street. Thumbnail: Rear of post card of Elsie Ward sent to her mother in South Street. Thumbnail: Elsie and Annie Ward sitting on chairs outside posing for photograph. Thumbnail: Three Generations Together Thumbnail: Leonard, Horace & Ralph Ward outside number 3 South Street. Thumbnail: Percy Ward circa 1935 with his bicycle Thumbnail: The Ward Family 1935, Mother Harriet, and sons Louis and Percy Ward. Thumbnail: Percy Ward 1935 holding a child whose name is not known. Thumbnail: Leonard Ward circa 1940 with his dog ’Rip’ dressed in his uniform Thumbnail: Wedding photo at St Mary’s Church Thumbnail: Wedding photo at St Mary’s Church, Louis Ward with bridesmaids Thumbnail: Frank Ward and Tom Wise haymaking on Mr Iven’s Farm circa 1940 Thumbnail: George Ward with his pigs at the back of the Fleur de Lys Thumbnail: 1920s Wedding Thumbnail: Robert Burt, Tony Lowe & Harold (Shady) Hinton. Thumbnail: William Charles Burt with his dog on the site of Anscomb Way. Thumbnail: Mary Adams and Anne Taylor outside 38 Townsend. Thumbnail: Mary McGregor standing outside Number 1 South Street with her dog.