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 CENSUS.—Arrangements have just been completed for taking the population of the parish, which will be found to be a considerable increase on the last census. Messrs. W. H. Smith and S. Stubbs are the appointed enumerators, and have special districts allotted to them.

 PARISH COUNCIL.—A special meeting was held on Monday evening. Present: Rev. F.A. Smith (chairman) and councillors W. Douglas, W. H. Smith, T. Daniel, and R. W. P. Tew.

Payments were made for £1 18s. 8d. For sums disbursed during the year.

A vote of thanks to the Chairman concluded the business.

Originally printed in the Northampton Mercury 22nd March 1901.

Thank you to Lucy Allen for all the research.

By kind permission of British Newspaper Archive

Newspaper clipping from the Northampton Mercury 22nd March 1901. Woodford Parish census.
Woodford Parish Census