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Woodford Short History

Prehistoric & Roman Times

Almost nothing has survived from the people that would have lived around Woodford Halse in prehistoric and Roman times. Some Bronze Age flint tools found to the west of West Farndon show that people were here around 3000 years ago but we just don’t know whether they lived on these hills or were only passing travellers on the Jurassic Way between the major prehistoric centres in Peterborough and Wiltshire. Certainly nothing has been found to show signs of permanent settlement from that period.

Even the Roman period seems to have left no real trace beyond a few pieces of pottery from the second and third centuries AD found near to West Farndon. However with the major settlement on Borough Hill near Daventry and the Roman town of Lactodorum (Towcester) nearby it is not hard to imagine that there was farming in the area.

By kind permission of John Williams