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Kite Family

Ada Kite’s 100th Birthday Party.

Daventry Express 26th October 2000

The people attending Ada Kite‘s 100th birthday party.

May Stow, Molly Hedges, Ethel Hinton, Phyllis Hinton, Jean French, Ted Chadwick, Gill Musgrove, Diana Upton, Ada Kite, Phyllis ??., Wally Radford, Joan Parrott, Ted Chadwick, Liz Shepherd(helper), Jean Busby, Kath Hollis, Barbara ??, Lou Yates, Gladys (nee Chadwick) and Lily Boot.

By kind permission of Yvonne Roberts

Ada Kite’s 100th Birthday Party, held in the Memorial Hall.
Ada Kite’s 100th Birthday Party