Woodford Halse Archive


Christenings : 1814

These are the Woodford Halse Christenings Archive recorded at St Mary’s church. Christenings in 1814.

By kind permission of Lucy Allen

7th January William Tew child of Richard Tew & Catherine
16th January Kesiah Smith child of Edward Smith & Mary
20th February James Higham child of Valentine Higham & Sarah
20th February Mary Ann Brown child of Elizabeth Brown
27th February Mary Marlow child of John Marlow & Sarah
27th February William Stangor or Stanyor child of John Stangor or Stanyor & Ann
24th April Caroline Howse child of John Howse & Frances
22nd May John Cooling child of Joseph Cooling & Hannah
25th May William Jordan child of Samuel Jordan & Ann
20th June Hannah Judkins child of Edward Judkins & Ann
20th June Catharine Cooper child of Samuel Cooper & Mary
30th July William Claridge child of Thomas Claridge & Mary
7th August Susannah Watts child of George Watts & Jane